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If your pet has special needs when it comes to their grooming, I can provide the best medicated baths in Southwick, MA. These include flea baths, oatmeal baths for sensitive skin, peppermint baths for irritated skin, and so much more. All of the products I use are hypoallergenic to keep all pets safe. Whether you have a cat or dog, I will use the exact medicated bath you need.

• Prescription Soap—For those of you who have a pet who needs to be bathed with prescription soap, I am more than happy to help. Just bring the soap or shampoo along and I will use it to bathe your pet at no extra cost.

• Flea Baths—Some groomers will not groom pets with fleas, but I am always happy to provide the best flea baths in the market. These baths are guaranteed to prevent and treat fleas in cats and dogs.

At Creative Critter Cuts in Southwick, MA, you can get the kind of medicated baths your pets need. Whether your pet has sensitive or irritated skin and they need oatmeal baths or peppermint baths, or you want to prevent fleas or treat them, I can help at my salon. I will never charge you extra for using prescription soaps, either, as some other groomers require.

Why spend lots of money on a groomer who charges you extra to use the prescription soaps that your pet needs? With me, you can get the grooming services you need all in one place.

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